From an Odd Stranger to a Die-Hard Fan

From an Odd Stranger to a Die-Hard Fan

Somehow, each and every one of us has felt being an outsider with individuals we’re very much familiar with. Family, companions, and schoolmates or collaborators regardless of the amount we knew them, there are still things that we aren’t like them and there will undoubtedly be false impressions. Take my involvement with eighth grade for instance, when I turned into an alien to my own circles.

The Korean Hallyu wave (or all the more prevalently known as K-pop) has forever been famous in Asia, explicitly in our country, the Philippines. Everything began when the Pambansang Krung, Sandara Park, appeared in a young lady bunch called 2NE1 under YG Entertainment (which disbanded in 2016), its fame still can’t seem to subside.

Numerous renowned K-pop gatherings have taken the nation by tempests like Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, Bigbang, and Wonder Girls. I knew these gatherings by name and, surprisingly, a portion of their tunes yet never got to do explore on them.

It was in the year 2014 when there were half a month left of our experience as eighth-grade understudies that I experienced an issue.

The once-12 part K-pop kid bunch EXO’s notoriety was simply beginning to detonate around then. Notwithstanding their attractive features and delightful voices, a lot of my cohorts became prompt fans when they heard the gathering’s hit tune, Growl. Two of my companions had a place with that classification.

There are a many individuals in our friend network, however there’s just the three of us that assembles when we return home. Those definite two companions who became captivated with the gathering are the ones I return home with, and they generally discuss the gathering.

Eyes sparkling and discussions brimming with hid energized screeches filled our process back home however it just incorporated both of them.

I made an honest effort to be intrigued with what they are referring to, however I can’t end up getting into what they’re holding over.

It was likewise a question of irreconcilable circumstance and youthfulness on my part, as one of them seriously loves a famous Western kid bunch, as well. Seeing her getting keen on one more gathering that I have no experience with turned something on within me, and it made us float separated until the end of my eighth-grade year.

Fortunately, we figured out how to take care of our concerns by seeing each other’s flaws and discuss it together. Yet again by the beginning of 10th grade, we turned out to be close and around then, I attempted to teach myself more when it came to the subject.

Presently, I’m a die-hard K-pop fan. In spite of the fact that it wasn’t the very bunch that I honestly love, it was that contention that made one of my greatest advantages to be.